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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garmisch Festwoche

Let's go to the beer tent!!! For more than 50 years the "Garmischer Folklore Week" is one of the absolute highlights of the year, showing Bavarian traditions and folklore at it's best. Last night, Rob and I enjoyed the festivities with some of our dear friends...here are some of my favorite shots from the night...

Me and Claudia - "ohne kinder"

YUMMO - Leberkase, brezen, and suss mustard!

Hand embroidered suspenders - they are amazing!

Aahh, Fest time in Germany - isn't it great???!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

7 Months...

Is it really possible??? Time flies, especially with two active little girls! I took advantage of the cute outfit to snap a few pictures...(she was all dressed up for Julian's school party)


Summer Fest - Cowboys and Indian style :)

Friday, 16 July was the "Cowboys and Indians" Summer Fest at Julian's school...lots of singing, dancing, and of course good food! There was also a beer tent - can't say you'd find that in the states...beer at a Kindergarten party??? Only in Bavaria :)


Talking with Tina and Emile

Emile and Julian - double trouble!

The teachers "line dancing"...you know we got a kick out of this!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just the girls...

Here are a few shots of the girls from the weekend - I took a lot so I decided they needed a post of their own! They are getting SO big, and thankfully, they are both good travelers!

Matching in Black and White!

Enough kisses already :)

We LOVE Gelato!!!

GOOD Sleeping after a long day!

I got you :)


We spent the first day of our long weekend get-away in Heidelberg...a beautiful city on the Neckar river. It was HOT but we enjoyed our visit to the charming little city!

4th of July

We spent the morning of the 4th cruising up and down the Mosel...the vineyards were AMAZING!!! Julian really enjoyed the ride!

There's something very "titanic" about this photo :)

I thought this duck was beautiful!

We spent the afternoon tasting the wine from the region! The winery was a very cool - and we could taste as much as we wanted :)