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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fasching - "Dirty Thursday"

This day is called "dirty" because "Schmutz (dirt) is the Alemannic word for "fat" and it's the day the German's make Fastnachtskrapfen, donuts fried in fat! ( and yes, they are YUMMY!)

Fasching is the German version of Mardi Gras - lots of masks, dancing, and parades! It's common to see men in masks with huge cowbells strapped on their backs trying to chase out winter with their hellish racket. A dancer follows them in a pretty costume showing spring the way.

The kids were told they could dress up for the kick off of Fasching or Carnevale...we opted not to dress Julian up, but she did get her face painted at school...you can see how cute she looked!

And why is Ava smiling...well, she turns 2 months old today!


Linda said...

The girls are absolutely adorable! I just want to hug them. Aunt Linda

Lisa said...

Julian is soooo cute with her face painted : ) I love Ava's smile. She is sure to be a charmer. Many hugs and lots of love to the whole family.

twinsplusone said...

cutie pies....sweet baby girl smile!!