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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Blues Clues" Party...

On Saturday, May 2nd, we held Julian's "Blues Clues" Birthday BBQ. We moved her party back a few weeks so that 1) her grandparents would be here with us to celebrate and 2) hopefully the weather would be nice. Well, so much for wishful thinking...the weather was HORRIBLE! But, the party was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Here are a few pictures of the cake, which I did make and decorate all by myself, and of her posing with her new shades...she is such a riot! (Thanks Aunt C for the photo of her blowing out her candles!)


Tamara Ann said...

Great job on the cake Rachel! It's hard to believe they're growing up so fast!

pink coffee photoart said...

She is too posh in those sunglasses! Looks like a fun party.

ps-happy mother's day!

The Skeltons in the closet said...

wow great job on her cake can you move back here in time for Kenzie birthday she loves Tinkerbell.

Looks like you guys had a great time.