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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Night Hike...Garmisch Style :)

Friday night was the official kick-off for summer's "Friday Night Hike". Each week a group gathers and hikes one of the numerous trails and/or mountains in and around Garmisch. This week we hiked to the Werdenfels Ruins, an old castle overlooking the valley. It was a nice, easy hike (thankfully!) and we had a great group attend - even a few little girls made the trek! Enjoy the photos - there will be lots more as the summer progresses!

The group enjoying dinner and drinks...(our fearless leader in the hat)

Mrs. Nam with Miss Ava...

What do you see down there???

The benefits of growing up in Bavaria :)

Did you walk the whole way??? (Ella and Georgia just moved here!)


Kaiserscharm - GONE - and OH so good!