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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daddy is Home!

A day full of excitement - daddy is home for his mid-tour vacation!


YEAH!!! He's HOME!!!

Three HAPPY campers!


Janie said...

AWESOME!!!!! What a special moment! Thanks for sharing!! And thank you, your girls, and your husband for the sacrifices you make everyday for us! God Bless You ALL!!

Tamara Ann said...

Welcome home Rob! You've been in our prayers (and will continue to be). Thank you to your whole family for all you're doing for us! Stay safe!

Oma said...

Glad to see Rob wooling so well. I'm sure the time will pass much to fast so savor every moment. Welcome home and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

omg. it's beautiful... :-)))
greetings from Poland :-))